Scotland – Landscapes and Scenics

This page is about landscapes and places in Scotland. Here’s a slideshow with a few of my favourites – scroll down to see more.

I don’t really go out of my way to photograph landscapes – it usually involves getting up far too early for my taste – but as I’ve got older I find that being out looking for wildlife is often a bit tiring, and stopping to appreciate the view and taking a few pictures is becoming increasingly attractive, so I’m beginning to try my hand at it a little more!

And, as I do enjoy travel and visiting places around Scotland (and occasionally England) I’ll take cityscapes and other views as well, if only for sale as stock photos, which often leads to some nice pics too. As I’ve been doing this for quite a while (some were taken on film…) there’s a fair variety here, and a lot are just the standard picture of some well-known place, but a few are, I’d like to think, a bit more special. Many of the pictures shown are also available for sale as prints from my portfolio at Photo4Me. You can see a selection below; I hope you enjoy them.