Namibia – Wildlife and Landscapes

I visited Namibia many years ago, assisting as a volunteer with a research project – and taking a little time to myself to travel about some.  I wasn’t there for photography, so there aren’t that many pictures here, and they are all from  scanned 35mm film, mostly taken either in Etosha National Park or in the Namib desert, with its red sands and drifting dunes. Here’s a slideshow, or you can scroll down to see them all as thumbnails.

It’s a truly beautiful place.  I’d like to visit Africa again.  And maybe I will, sometime in the next few years.  For now, these will have to do.

Most of these images may be purchased and downloaded as royalty-free stock photographs;  if you click on the pictures below, you will see a link at the bottom left which directs you to the site from which the  image is available, or if you’re just interested in viewing all of them (and others not shown below) click here – My Namibia Portfolio – to view.