India Wildlife

Here’s a slideshow with a few of my favourite India wildlife images, mostly from Ranthambore National Park.  Scroll down to see more.

I traveled to Ranthambore National Park in India during 2017, on a photographic tour led by Craig Jones of Craig Jones Wildlife Photography, who I can highly recommend for this and any other of his tours and workshops.  Not only is Craig a wonderful photographer in his own right,  he is an excellent tutor and will offer advice and assistance whenever you need it.  He is also a dedicated conservationist, working hard using his camera and his skills to raise awareness of nature and the need to protect the wildlife around us both at home and abroad.

I’d been to India before – in fact, I’d been to Ranthambore before, though on that occasion it was later in the year, not a good time as there is too much vegetation for easy tiger spotting and I hadn’t seen any at all.

This was much better.  We went out in jeeps, morning and late afternoon, and of 11 trips into the park we saw tigers on 9 of them.  Not always easily photographed, but often enough to get plenty of shots, of which the best are here.

Tigers are, I am given to understand, doing quite well in Ranthambore – there is some poaching, but tourists coming to see them and photograph them provides a good income for local businesses so there is a strong incentive to protect them in the future and their numbers are growing;  most of the park is not accessible to visitors to give them plenty of space, while in the open areas numbers of jeeps and trucks are restricted with limited access times, and as the tigers themselves prefer to keep away from people there isn’t too much conflict as far as I know.  They are very special.  Let’s make sure it continues that way.

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